Immersys v0.7.5 - Gathering & Crafting Expansion


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We've done a lot this week! We had our FATE Token airdrop & our fifth round of Beta Passes airdropped! This means it is the most opportune time to join the Metaverse. Make sure to let your friends know and give them this link to grab a pass: and this link to download the game for Windows PC! We have also added over 22 new NFTs to our gathering system for you to collect! More blueprints, more equipment, and more resources. Be sure to check out 🔨║crafting-bp to see the new recipes in our Discord.

* Lots of Gathering!! The Forest has been expanded and gathering spots added! Need Rusty Tools?

Whats coming up?

*Halloween Event: 10/30 - 10/31
*Public Weekend: 10/30 - 10/31

Change Log

Gathering & Crafting Expansion
• Player Movement Fixed
• Collection Log vApp Renamed to NFT Wallet
• New NFTs
• Added Mirrors
• Fate Token
• Bug Fixes

Read up on full Update here: