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  1. Dan

    Blueprints and Resources Guide

    This will be super helpful for everyone!
  2. Dan

    Nft partners spawnables

    Yea, we definitely want to make this a bit easier!
  3. Dan

    distribute resource spawns randomly

    Do you mean like the respawn timers?
  4. Dan

    This game is AWESOME

    Weclome Tub!
  5. Dan

    I'm stuckatsixpm

    POWERED BY. Welcome!
  6. Dan

    Also can't remember last time I used a forum (they're now retro and cool again right?)

    I'll leave it for someone else haha! Welcome and thanks!
  7. Dan

    Hi all!

  8. Dan

    Make it more obvious when you successfully catch a fish

    Should be seeing this updated soon! Thanks for the suggestion
  9. Dan


    Definitely coming with our upcoming Avatar Creation. Then we'll work on animating everything!
  10. Dan

    Immersys Halloween Event

    @GodMushi @LifeonCrypto I think we are learning towards a combination of these two! Keep up with the ideas! They help. What kind of holiday items would you like?
  11. Dan

    Colab with the Uplift!!!!

    Agreed! We've gotta make it massive though!!
  12. Dan

    Hi people! Alter here

    Hey Alter! Welcome to Immersys :)
  13. Dan

    Collecting Anomaly on Oct 5 (or maybe just terrible RNG luck?)

    So Atomic API wouldn't effect this as much as it would effect you ability to equip an item. As for the drop rates. I would have to chalk this up as bad RNG. I streamed for a roughly an hour and a half and received 7 birch planks in that time. I believe we're seeing, with 8-15 people in the...
  14. Dan

    EleBlob's unopened packs?

    The snapshot required EleBlobs to be evolved and in your wallet prior to the airdrop. EleBlobs you received can be used in the EleBlob Arena vApp. You can challenge others to battles. We'll be continuously improving it's gameplay and setting up rewards for it.
  15. Dan

    October Events List

    October Events 🗓️ October 30-31st - Halloween Event October 30-31st - Public Weekend
  16. Dan

    Howdy All...

    Welcome! Thanks for joining the forums :) I have a photo with Cal Ripken Jr outside Camden Yards
  17. Dan


    Hey TrungNR! Welcome to the forums! :)
  18. Dan

    Immersys v0.7.5 - Gathering & Crafting Expansion

    We've done a lot this week! We had our FATE Token airdrop & our fifth round of Beta Passes airdropped! This means it is the most opportune time to join the Metaverse. Make sure to let your friends know and give them this link to grab a pass...
  19. Dan

    need to restart game client after auto-logout for inactivity

    Yes, it was a rushed solution to a problem we were having during our free weekend. I think we can absolutely take another look at it and fix it!
  20. Dan

    add "Bug Reports" Sub-Forum

    Added Bug Report Sub-Forum. Thanks for the suggestion!