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  1. Dan

    October Events List

    October Events 🗓️ October 30-31st - Halloween Event October 30-31st - Public Weekend
  2. Dan

    Immersys v0.7.5 - Gathering & Crafting Expansion

    We've done a lot this week! We had our FATE Token airdrop & our fifth round of Beta Passes airdropped! This means it is the most opportune time to join the Metaverse. Make sure to let your friends know and give them this link to grab a pass...
  3. Dan

    Immersys Halloween Event

    We want to host a Halloween event within the Immersys Metaverse. What types of ideas do you have?
  4. Dan

    Immersys - Starter Guide

    Getting Started: Downloading Immersys Creating a WAX Cloud Wallet What is a NFT? What can I do inside of Immersys? What value does Immersys Provide? Downloading Immersys Immersys is currently available for Windows only and supports Desktop VR Headsets if you'd prefer a more immersive...
  5. Dan

    Dynamic High Scores for Activities

    Add high scores in the Arena. Design a dynamic leaderboard that will show the top EleBlob Blob battle wins. Add high scores in the Champions Ring. Show top boxing fight win.
  6. Dan

    Battle Royale - PvP

    I'd like to see a last man standing style game added to Immersys!
  7. Dan

    EleBlob Fusion Series

    EleBlob Fusion Series EleBlobs are Pixel Monster NFTs on the WAX Blockchain. There are a total of 56 to collect! They can be used to battle within the Immersys Metaverse. Purchase EleBlob Packs:
  8. Dan

    Hi I'm Dan!

    Hello everyone! I'm Dan and I'm from the US! I'm the Co-Founder of EleBlob and I'm really excited about the future of NFTs, WAX, crypto, and West Brom being promoted back to the Premier League.
  9. Dan

    Stickied Immersys Forums -= Release Day =-

    Welcome to the Official Forum! is 3D virtual world where players can bring in their NFTs an use them as in-game equipment, access or ticketing, showcasing, cosmetics, and so much more. Our community forum is designed to allow players to interact in a more permanent way...