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  1. DavidElvion

    game stucks at loadingscreen

    I have the same exact issue on windows 11
  2. DavidElvion

    distribute resource spawns randomly

    the issue I am addressing here is this: when I "grind" to collect resources, I start feeling like a bot, especially for minerals as they always reappear in the same place. Also it becomes diffucult to share resources, as finding them is so easy now, no skill involved in finding them. So my...
  3. DavidElvion

    Immersed Alien

    hey there, thanks again for the invite and beta pass :-)
  4. DavidElvion

    distribute resource spawns randomly

    I was thinking like random location even though it looks like right now they are probably fixed in place. Random timers could be interesting, random placements would be super cool.
  5. DavidElvion

    distribute resource spawns randomly

    Make resource spawn distribution random, and area based but not static.
  6. DavidElvion

    make running a toggle

    enable toggling running on and off with a key, so we don not have to hold down a key to run. Alternatively implement a "tiredness" mechanic to be able to sprint from an attacker to flee, but not indefinitely. Sprinting will deplete a energy bar after a few seconds.
  7. DavidElvion

    need to restart game client after auto-logout for inactivity

    when getting logged out for inactivity, I have to restart the whole game client to be able to login again. Otherwise I just get this:
  8. DavidElvion

    Immersys - Gathering Guide

    thanks for this, very helpful <3
  9. DavidElvion

    add "Bug Reports" Sub-Forum

    add "Bug Reports" Sub-Forum for reporting, tracking and discussing bugs in separate threads.
  10. DavidElvion

    HUD map or TAB map

    having access to a terrain map by pressing TAB key or always being visible in the corner of the screen would be very helpful for exploring. Fog of war and only showing explored areas would make it even more exciting.
  11. DavidElvion

    gathering / crafting stats

    It would be great to have a place to see stats like trees/ores/stones etc gathered and resources/BPs dropped, as well as crafting stats. Maybe even global and per user.
  12. DavidElvion

    Gathering Skill Upgrade System / Experience build

    I would love to see a system where activities like picking hemp, fishing etc give a small amount of EXP and make that activity more efficient. Either give a chance to drop better loot or increase the drop chance. Every activity would be its own skill. A good example can be found in Eternal...
  13. DavidElvion

    Immersed Alien

    Hello everyone, I am hailing from a foreign planet called Magor, but I am used to get my hands dirty mining. Chopping some wood or fishing is not much different. All with the right tools. Excited to go exploring and see this world unfold, see places and meet people :-)